av barrels and bells

The AV Prestige barrels are available in African black wood or composite material, and you have the choice of metal or wood rings. They are the barrels that go on our newly introduced and redesigned AV Prestige clarinets, however, we have found them to be more than excellent on other brands of clarinets. These barrels are available from 62mm to 66mm. You can see a description of them near the bottom of this page.

AV Clarinet Barrels are products that will match your American or European clarinet. They were conceived by Rheuben Allen and Mike Vaccaro when designing a new professional clarinet called the AV Prestige Clarinet.

When we tried these barrels on other clarinets, we were very impressed with the depth of tone, the ease of play, and the evenness throughout the range of the instrument.

The AV clarinet barrels are available with either metal or wood rings.
Barrel sizes range from 62 mm to 66 mm.




AV PRESTIGE Clarinet Barrels

AV Educator Bb Composite Clarinet Barrel, metal rings: $39.95

AV Prestige Wood Clarinet Barrel, metal rings: $99.95 

AV Prestige Wood Clarinet Barrel, wooden rings: $129.95   


AV PRESTIGE Clarinet Bells

AV Prestige Metal Ring Clarinet Bells: $149.95

AV Prestige Wood Ring Clarinet Bells: $179.95 

These barrels and bells are available at
Mike's Woodwind Store.

We also offer custom barrels and bells by Vaccaro and Stevens, at ClarinetBarrelsAndBells.com, and custom-made mouthpieces by Mike Vaccaro. at SaxAndClarinetMouthpieces.com.
These services are available through Mike only.


Coming soon to this site are pictures and descriptions of our newly-designed AV PRESTIGE BELLS.