mike vaccaro

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I have been fortunate to be employed as a professional musician since 1967, doing much of the best work in the music business (and of course some of the worst). I have made my living mostly as a commercial musician in the recording studios, Broadway show pits, and various classical settings
Though I play clarinet, sax, flute, and oboe, I started on the clarinet, and consider it my strength. My first professional classical job was playing 2nd clarinet in the Las Vegas Symphony, and 1st clarinet with the Las Vegas Chamber players, a modern music group.

I have performed with the chamber ensemble "MUSIQE" for 10 years and the recording called CAPRICE is available at MikeVaccaro.com.

"MUSIQE" traveled with the Columbia Artists Community Concert Series (now defunct), in addition to concerts on the west coast of the United States. "MUSIQE" also performed several live concerts broadcast on Classical KFAC-FM over the years.

I was also fortunate to spend 10 years with the Long Beach Opera. This ensemble performed everything from Strauss to the most contemporary Operas available.

During this time, in addition to my commercial work I was an added musician with many of the orchestras in the LA area. I also had the opportunity to record with the Ralph Gary Sax quartet, and for John Scott’s The Wind and the Willows, and with Masatoshi Mitsumoto on the Stravinsky Octet.

My most recent CD entitled A WHISPER, A SIGH, A DREAM, is for clarinet and piano and features 3 new additions to the clarinet literature, a piece by Astor Piazzola, an unaccompanied piece by Koechlin, and the  Nino Rota clarinet sonata.

My second CD, JOURNEYMAN, was written by various composers in the LA area, who I asked to write what they think I do in music. The result is a glorius eclectic mix of music.

I have also recorded a jazz album entitled A Dué. While based in jazz, it is chamber music in essence, as it is being performed in the setting of only piano and sax.

All my recordings are available on my website www.mikevaccaro.com/cd.html and some are available at outlets like iTunes, Amazon, and by the single track at Payloadz.com.

After many years in the professional arena I have semi –retired from performing full time and have taken an interest in making clarinet mouthpieces, barrels, and bells. A natural outgrowth of this experience is the creation  of the AV Prestige Clarinet, with Rheuben Allen.

The AV Prestige Clarinet is a professional quality instrument at a great price, so students can step up to an instrument that plays at the highest level for a reasonable price. I, myself play this instrument on my professional engagements.  Professionals and teachers will be interested in purchasing this instrument also. I have only endorsed one other product in my long career and it is a pleasure not only to endorse the AV Prestige Clarinet but to be a part in its creation.

Mike's videos are available on youtube.com by entering "mike vaccaro" in the search box.