Rheuben allen

Rheuben has long been recognized worldwide as one of the premier saxophone and clarinet repairmen. With over 40 years as a repairman, Rheuben has turned his talents to the manufacturing of quality woodwind and brass instruments.

Rheuben's current project is the Rheuben Allen Education Foundation, Inc., set up to provide musical instruments to young students who cannot afford them, and who would otherwise not be able to participate in their school music programs.

Rheuben's career has been a series of exciting adventures. He has produced low budget action adventure movies, and, as a photographer, he has created posters for YAMAHA, CD covers for many top musicians, and magazine covers for The Saxophone Journal (Leo Potts - Victor Morosco)

Living in Mainland China for a few years, he was involved in setting up production of many of the instruments he now makes. He is now working with Viet Nam, Taiwan and China for manufacturing parts for many of his new instruments.

Rheuben is partners with Kenny G in KG Saxophones, LLC, and designs and manufactures the Kenny G Line of Saxophones. His YouTube video outlines the many new features he's invented and incorporated into the instrument.

As an inventor, along with Bob Malone, he designed the Inter-Change-A-Bore clarinet barrels using a combination of brass for the bore and Delrin for the mouthpiece and clarinet tenons.

Rheuben developed the Freedom/Power Neck Brace for the saxophone. This brace comes in two models one with the brace soldered in only 2 places allowing the neck to vibrate freely and one with the neck brace soldered the full length of the brace.

The NEW Freedom/Power Neck Brace also features the Adjustable Sound Weight System allowing the placement of weights on the neck brace, making it possible to change both the response and sound so the saxophonists can create their own individual sound.

Rheuben's key designs are revolutionary in the saxophone world. The addition of the Alternate Low A and E-Flat keys to his newest baritone makes this baritone stand alone in the world of baritones.

Along with Dan Higgins (www.danhiggins.net), Rheuben wrote the book High Notes for the Saxophone, with new fingerings for the altissimo register. These fingering were tested extensively, using a spectrum analyzer, strobe, and VU meters, to allow great accuracy when choosing the best fingerings for the altissimo. The discovery of not using the register key in the altissimo of the alto saxophone, so the altissimo notes have a much better overtone series in the sound was among the great discoveries that Rheuben & Dan made during the writing and creating of this book. The book is available at RheubenAllen.com.

Rheuben Allen demonstrating his patented Parallel Parking Technology

Rheuben's many videos are available at youtube.com by simply
entering "Rheuben Allen" in their search box.