why a new clarinet?

How important is equipment? Not just for a musician, but for any professional.

Golfers have multiple sets of clubs and mix and match them for any particular tournament to meet the needs of the golf course and their current swing.

Baseball players have their favorite mitt and bat and you can bet that they tried every mitt and bat available before making their choice.

Surfers have their favorite surf board, and boat enthusiasts spend thousands of dollars customizing their boats for maximum performance.

Landscapers toil over every plant being the perfect size and in the perfect place.

Painters have a brush for every different kind of stroke, they have spatulas and pallet knives, they use their fingers, they experiment with paints, and they are keenly aware of what light they need for any particular purpose.

My experience with clarinet enthusiasts are that they get a clarinet when they start playing and at some time in the future, they buy a better quality instrument, and stick with it for the rest of their lives.

My experience with professional clarinet players from the time they know they are going dedicate themselves to the instrument, is that they are always on the prowl for a better mouthpiece, a better clarinet, or a better aftermarket product for their instruments. Cost is not an issue even to improve just 1% , as perfection is the ultimate and illusive goal.

Our AV Prestige clarinets, barrels and bells, are new to the market, and not yet well-known. However, I think it is in the best interest of the beginner, the intermediate player, the college student with the hope of becoming professional, and to the professional, to give serious consideration to the AV Prestige clarinet.

The price is right, the product is right, the availability is good, and the return policy guarantees your satisfaction.

We want our company to have your name on our testimonial page, because you know you have purchased a great product.

We make adjustments for hours in our shop to make sure that when you receive your new instrument, it is truly finished. Most clarinet companies, including the most well-known high-end brands, tend to not have a finish station on their assembly line, and, of course, finishing the details of the instrument is what helps it play really great. You will find our instruments to be more consistent than others on the market today.

Again, let me say our product are new, and available to you to purchase. We want YOUR name on our testimonial list. Check back often, and see whose names are on our Testimonial List. If your name is not on it, you owe it to yourself to try our product.

For the widest selection of instruments, come in to our warehouse and try out several clarinets or you can simply purchase one on this website.